About Reading Skill Builder

The Reading Section will include:

15 x Skill builders (each test includes 10 unique questions based on a wide variety of text types and formats which should take 15-20 minutes each)

  • Each question has supporting images, text and a helpful hint as a prompt for students who find the question challenging. Once students confirm their answer they will receive instant feedback. The feedback will confirm the reason why an answer is correct and also explain the reason why other options are incorrect. This functionality is the basis for learning as the feedback is instant, contextually relevant, clearly explained and provides students an opportunity to correct errors as they make them.

1x Practice Test (a random assortment of 45 questions from the pool) this will allow students infinite attempts at a practice version of the HSCMST using their learning from the skill builders. This is a fantastic tool for students who want continuous practice after they have completed the Skill Builder sections. This test will include a timer so students can prepare for the timing requirements of the actual HSCMST test. Feedback will occur in a summary form with scores. Students can use this to return to the Skill builders and check over sections they felt they didn’t properly grasp.